Pat’s Bridal Shower (6-7-14) BROOKLYN

DSC_7468FINAL copyI meet amazing people doing photography, not only amazing because that’s the label they get for entertaining my services but amazing because they just happen to be awesome people. Pat reached out to me and wanted to hire me from the jump, she loved my work and did what she needed to do to get me there just a clickin away. Her Bridal Shower has/ had to be the best shower I’ll ever attend in any shape, form or fashion. The amount of gifts received was just, man… I can’t even explain it. I’ll just say this, Pat has an amazing support system and her family are the most generous. I can only imagine what the wedding gifts will be…

Now, let’s talk about the special treatment I got. I was given my own table to sit and drink at during down time but I never turned the camera off because I don’t like missing anything. Although I do think I forgot to capture the dessert table but I have been looking through each and every image to see if I shot it and totally forgot about it. I have my fingers crossed. I had a fantastic 2 year old friend who carried her moms Fendi bag around like it was hers, she had to be the cutest thing. She kept bringing me sugar packets and her mom and friend got a kick out of it. We even sat and conversed with one another for a great portion of the day. The staff at Gargiulo’s Restaurant were very accommodating and the shower could not have been planned any better.

I want to thank Pat aka Mrs. Alaimo for hiring me, I had a very great time and I honestly doubt there will be a better bridal shower than that one..


~ by mrflowersphotos on June 11, 2014.

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