Kaitlyn’s First Communion… (May 17th & 18th)

KaitlynFCD1_221Yes, you read the heading right.. A First Communion that took place on May 17th & 18th, a two day event. I can say this about my client, she is a photographer in training because I’ve never seen someone take so many cell phone photos. Lol, it was SO much fun though.. Although I was the hired gun, Kaitlyn’s mother couldn’t resist taking her own phone-ography. She even had her daughter posing for pictures I wasn’t even taking, it was so funny. All in all, this was a great family and such a very interesting 7 year old girl who I actually bonded with. Kids love me, we had great conversations about Lego characters as well as good things on the McDonald’s menu.

I did have my own personal beef with the church in which the First Communion Ceremony was taking place for they didn’t allow photographers the shots we’d need for our clients final images because they have their own professional photographer. Well, it was a young lady with a video camera of some sort. Maybe she’s going to pull stills from the video footage because I didn’t see a flash go off at all and I doubt that HandyCam looking thing she was using had good glass connected to it. To each his own, I wish my client would have known this before hand because I feel like I shorted them on images but I really had no control over where the people that ran the church gave me access to. By access I mean, only capturing the back of Kaitlyn’s head as she got her blessings from the priest. If any of you have taken pictures of a 7 year old child face to face with a male adult from behind the child… Yeah, that image looks freaky as hell so I didn’t shoot them. Lol

IMG_66213599461534I did have a blast on day #2 though, had my man Kenny Watz assist me setting up a back drop for a studio style shoot for portraits right before the party started. The party was so much fun as I captured this young lady and her family having a good old time.. Shout out to my new little friend Kaitlyn Frances and congratulations my dear… I know i’m your favorite photographer…


~ by mrflowersphotos on May 27, 2014.

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