Judy’s Surprise 80th Bday Celebration..

Judy299I was out in Dirty Jerz/ North Bergen New Jersey in fact over the weekend shooting a surprise party for a clients mother who turned 80 years of age, the story behind how I got this job always makes me think about how far I’ve come. Real quick, the client that hired me had never seen any of my images/ work until the night I met her for the deposit and contract signing. She said she was moved with me just off of what I was offering in my events photography package and how I wasn’t trying to beat around the bush with what I can provide and what she’ll get. I don’t recommend that when it comes to hiring someone but hey, what can I say…? Y’all have been watching this show for a couple years now, you guys know the deal. Lol…

The night itself, well I can say I got there an hour early so I had no excuse because I actually hate driving in New Jersey so I made sure I was there on time. Met my client again along with her son and a few family members and I began to take some detail shots and such before the surprise began. I have to say, Judy was stunned as she saw friends and family there she hadn’t seen in years and she cried tears of joy as she hugged and kissed everyone. It was beautiful… The night was full of picture taking, dancing and drinking but the cake took the cake. That’s right, what I saw blew my mind as numerous folks rubbed the cake all over this woman’s face as well as the people anywhere near her. I couldn’t believe it, SHE IS 80 YEARS OLD…!!! You don’t do that to a woman her age, but she looked as if she enjoyed every minute of it and that’s what matters.

Judy1A big thank you to my client Maria, thanks for giving me a shot and thank you again for the wonderful review you wrote about my services and professionalism. Your family is a fun bunch and I know I’ll see some of them again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY…!! You are one tough cookie…


~ by mrflowersphotos on April 29, 2014.

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