My very first Aqeeqah..

RaihanIslam_41A few weeks ago I was honored by being hired to shoot my very first “Aqeeqah”. In the Islamic tradition the Muslims introduce the new arrival to the family, friends and the community by performing the Aqeeqah. Now, I pulled that definition directly from the internet but the great gentleman that hired me gave me a description very similar to that. He called me and said he loves my work and his cousin who’s a photographer suggested I be the guy to hire so it was all good. The gentleman that hired me, him as his wife were welcoming their beautiful daughter to family and friends. The celebration was very beautiful I must say, the colors at the location were by far some of the best I’ve seen and I just had a good old time. I was told to put my camera down a couple times so I could sit down and eat with the family and that’s a big deal. The food was amazing too, my goodness… 

Wow, now that I look at my invoices I see that I shot this Aqeeqah back on March 30th. Man, I got to get better at blogging again. I always end up falling off for some reason… Thank you once again to Raihan and his wonderful family for giving me the opportunity, you guys are amazing.

Stay tuned y’all..



~ by mrflowersphotos on April 28, 2014.

3 Responses to “My very first Aqeeqah..”

  1. Great shot John Flowers.

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