Aarti’s Bridal Shower….

DSC_1943-2 copyLast week I was hired to shoot a Bridal Shower in Lower Manhattan at City Winery and everything went well until I broke one of the Bride To Be’s gifts. That’s right, I said I broke one of her gifts but how it happened was pretty funny “or” not funny at all. Note: I did offer to pay for the gift but the woman that hired me told me not to sweat it. The gift was a vase by the way in which I suggested the client deduct the total cost of that vase from the payment but she chose not to. Here’s how it happened: Okay, so I’m standing alone with my camera at rest while the group of ladies are eating and I was offered something to eat which at first I refused but my client insisted. I then put my camera down on a table so I can begin making my plate and while I’m doing that I believe the handlers at the location began to move all of the gifts to that same table my camera was on. Part of the vase’s base was on top of my camera strap and as I go to grab my camera the strap trips the vase and the vase falls. *SOUND OF GLASS BREAKING* as I stand there with my mouth wide open and everyone looking at me. I mouth to my client “I’m so sorry, please allow me to pay for it” She declined and told me not to worry about it and suggested I sit down and eat. Of course i’m sitting at the table sweating & nervous as hell because I’m thinking to myself “they all hate me and want me to leave RIGHT NOW” but that wasn’t the case. After I finished eating I came back to my client and again insisted she deduct the total cost of the gift from my payment and she refused. Trust me, this could have been very bad for me had this been any other client. I was very careless with my camera/ equipment and I have to get better with that as I continue this journey. For all I know that vase could have been $2,000.00 and I wasn’t making anything close to that for this event. *Wipes Brow*

cwI want to wish Aarti and her husband to be a very lovely wedding and life together and thank Shubina & Neha for hiring me. I REALLY hope they like the pictures. I get a little nervous when a client doesn’t respond to emails I send them.. I sent a text message and an email wondering whether they’ve had a chance to view the pictures so I can begin working on their DVD I promised them but haven’t heard back.



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