You can find me in the club… uh, not really though.

DSC_1113 copyI had the pleasure of shooting at Milk River this past weekend, I was hired by a gentleman who was celebrating his birthday there along with a friend of his whose name I can’t remember. I was referred by a good friend of mine regarding covering the event but was a bit hesitant because I used to work the nightclubs and I was so over that but since I was referred I figured I’d take a stab at it. I had a hard time trying to figure out just who to take photos of because this was a group in the same room with all the other party goers so I was pretty much instructed as to who should be photographed. Even had a few strangers tap me on the shoulder only to upset them when they found out I wasn’t the photographer for the club but the photographer working the private party. Whatever, it was fun though.Once I got in the groove it felt normal again. The wild thing about that night is a few of my close homeboys were there to party the night up too so I stopped over to see them. Kenny Watz, Russ & Ty.. the original #JackBoyz up in the VIP section. I stopped over to sneak  a few photos of them while I had down time and even hung out with them the rest of the night after the time I was booked for came to an end..

Oh, and there was another photographer there shooting the same folks I was shooting and it had me thinking.. Wait, did they hire 2 photographers or is this other guy with the DSLR just getting a few shots as a promise he made…? I was like “why am I here if they already have a photographer?” That dude was doing his thing too, but he did break out after 20-30 frames, maybe he was a blogger or something. I don’t know

Man, I really don’t miss that nightclub crowd at all. Well, maybe I don’t miss photographing the night life because memories of fist fights and spilled drinks on my camera equipment simply haunt me… Shout out to Brigid Turner for the referral and Happy Belated Birthday to Carlton Pinto, it was a pleasure covering his event when it’s all said and done… He could have gotten any photographer but he didn’t settle. He chose wisely…


~ by mrflowersphotos on March 25, 2014.

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