Photo Booth Services Now Available

mdbs_m162014_271I’m happy to announce that at … We now offer photo booth services and our product is pretty damn cool. We did a soft launch/ test of this service/ product a couple weeks ago in Staten Island and decided to debut it at a baby shower this past Sunday. Shout out and congratulations to Michelle & Donny on their soon to be here baby boy Donnell Jr. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun at a baby shower, I wasn’t invited as a guest and nor was/ am I a family member but I had a blast. It was a long evening but it was off the hook. Everyone had fun using the photo booth from the kids to the adults. Seeing the photos pop up on the screen after they would take them on their own made them want to take more, and more and even more. The best ones are the photos of people making crazy faces, I couldn’t stop laughing. People were walking up to me to take photos and I’d hand them the wireless shutter, they had no idea what they were getting into. I’m glad to see that the first trial run went off without any glitches and I look forward to bringing this excitement to many events in the near future… Although my printer did act funny while I was setting the booth up but that turned out not to be an issue. Shout out to my boy Kenny Watz, he actually got me the gig at the shower.

A client of mine who’s Family Reunion I’m shooting this summer has already reached out to me stating that she also wants this service added to her event so keep your eyes open and watch for I have big things planned…






~ by mrflowersphotos on March 18, 2014.

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