Drop everything and SHOOT A SWEET 16….!!

AS16_BI1Okay, let me begin by saying that I may remove this post due to contractual matters. I do own the photograph(s), don’t get it twisted but the way I was hired to shoot this event isn’t the way I normally practice business. I got a call to shoot this Sweet 16 a full day before the actual event and I had no idea it was a Sweet 16 until I got to the location. I got the call through a referral, a guy that I HAVE to call my friend now because friends use word of mouth to put the right people in the right places. Shout out to Jay from “Lunch Box” The call didn’t come from the family of the young lady who we were all celebrating, it came from a production company that was doing the lighting, providing the videography, the DJ and all that other stuff. I think they have a full package source but with no photography which to me is the most important part. The gentleman that reached out to me made it seem like it was a Networking Event so I only packed what I’d pack to shoot that such event.. I didn’t know, what was I supposed to bring…? Needless to say, once I got there and found out what it was I jumped into a different mode. I set my flash and camera settings to a place I’d need them to be at for an event like this and I think I did a damn good job. The contractual issue is… I never met the actual client and didn’t have time to draw up an actual contract with terms and inclusions. I consider Sweet 16’s Special Events and I have a full on package for events like those. Since the entertainment company was the hired gun, my photography at this point is considered part of their package so I’m probably not the guy that’s going to get all of the accolades and praise. Fair and not fair at the same time… The entertainment company didn’t send/ show me a contract as well so I don’t think anyone owns the photographs at this point but the shooter which was me. I like to show people what I’ve been doing by blogging and posting on Facebook because that keeps me relevant and can also drum up some more business for me but I was told not to post anything yet. Did I listen?, nope… Lol, the guy that hired me is cool as hell but takes way too long to reply to emails and I’m getting impatient. He did say he’d love to have a meeting because the pictures were awesome and we need to work out a business deal. I just don’t want to keep my 4 followers waiting, they would die if I didn’t update my blog… LMAO

I’m sure when he finally decides to email me, he’s going to say “Yes, you can use the photographs for your own promotional and advertising purposes and it’ll be good to go. Shit, if he followed me on Facebook he would see that I’ve already posted a few pictures… Ain’t nobody got time for that.. I got a business to run…

Note: If you’re ever on Staten Island and need some good eats, please stop in at Lunch Box. You won’t be disappointed with the service nor the food…

Lunch Box

1612 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY 10302

(718) 448-2929


~ by mrflowersphotos on February 27, 2014.

3 Responses to “Drop everything and SHOOT A SWEET 16….!!”

  1. #salute to you John!

  2. Good Job buddy!

  3. NAWCE!!

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