I FINALLY have a QR Code…!!

MyKaywaQR-Code_kaywa.me_d1mvrDag, I sat on this for so long and I finally did it. I have to add more items like these to my marketing practices, especially when they are FREE…!! I was helping people create these for months and said to myself I’d create one for my company and never go around to it until today. Scan it y’all.. Visit my site and purchase my products because I’m not a business man.. I’m a business MAN… Just let me handle my business, damn… (c) Jay-Z.

That was so corny but needless to say, I’m growing this company everyday and baby steps are good. If you’ve been following me you’ll know that I pretty much entertain and provide all types of photography services. I even have a _________ __________ now. Trust me, you’re going to want me to fill in those blanks and I will. Just give me another couple weeks. Okay, now the QR Code thing is there, what’s next…? Oh yes, I have to create a new business card to hand out during the next event I’m days away from being locked in as the photographer. The QR Code was provided by the good people over there at KAYWA, log on to their site and look and the many wonderful things they can provide you for your business…

Like I always say, stay tuned…


~ by mrflowersphotos on February 12, 2014.

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