The la prairie project at Bloomingdale’s… (NYC)

la_prairie_24I was recently hired to shoot a project for “New Business Solutions“, New Business Solutions is based out of Amityville NY and they create temporary displays, semi-permanent displays, permanent displays, and store fixtures. They specialize in Wire and Sheet Metal and Tubular Fabrication, Injection Molding, Vacuum Forming, Plastic Fabrication, Extrusions, Wood Fabrication, Graphics Capabilities, and Logistics. I kinda just grabbed that directly from their website but in short, they create some dope displays. The ones you’ll see in Macy’s, Saks and Bloomingdale’s to name a few. Now, how I got the job is probably what some of you guys want to know… Okay, good work will get you more work I guess. A friend that likes my work told another guy that I was the guy to hire and one thing led to another. I got the call from a client who I’ve shot an event for a couple years ago. He reached out to me and I’m always excited when a client returns. I thought he wanted me to shoot another party or event but he didn’t. He wanted to hire me to provide some commercial photography for his companies website which is The display was this awesome set of ice bergs, these ice bergs are part of the display in Bloomingdale’s for “la prairie” along with the center smaller ice glaciers that run down the middle of the aisle. La Prairie’s featured product is the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection and you can see and purchase it at Bloomingdale’s in NYC. It looks beautiful displayed and I’m sure it looks beautiful on skin..

la_prairie_4I met the Vice President of sales Mr. Richard Seider of New Business Solutions an hour or so before we were to be inside of Bloomingdale’s at a pizza joint right across the street. I met the crew, we had a slice or two and walked over to Bloomingdale’s to begin our shift. I waited for the crew as they mounted those awesome pieces to the light fixture/ ceiling. It was cool to watch. I had no idea Bloomingdale’s was a 24 hour operation, after they close for customers at 8PM they open their doors to an over/ night crew of janitorial staffs to standard employees to contracted crews. After the crew mounted and installed all of the display I stepped in and did my thing, a very long night but a great experience overall. I want to thank Jamie Roberts for introducing me to Edwin Torres, and thanking Edwin Torres for introducing me to Richard Seider. The final images I sent to New Business Solutions were well received and I see myself working with them in the future. We seem to have hit it off very well…


~ by mrflowersphotos on February 4, 2014.

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