50% Off Head Shots For The Entire Month Of February…

IMG_193853652836402At one point I was only extending this offer to my Instagram followers but I’ve decided to make it available to everyone that likes a good deal. Besides, I probably would have been confused as all heck trying to separate the Insta’s from the FB’ers. I have created 3-4 different web based ads that I’ve been annoying people on Facebook and Instagram with but hey, that’s what promotion is all about right…? I’ve booked 4 sessions so far and have asked my FB followers to simply share my ads on their walls. I’ve stated that if I book 15 sessions for the month of February I’ll randomly select one of those nice folks from the NYC Tri-State area and give them an all expense paid portrait session. Meaning, I’ll travel to where they live or I’ll pay for them to travel to my location and photograph them for FREE. Ain’t that nice…!!??

This 50% off head shot package is sweet and it only comes around once a year. So, if you know anyone that’s in need please feel free to share this blog posting with them.


~ by mrflowersphotos on January 21, 2014.

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