thumb-tack-review-thumbtack.com_My good friend and photographer Mr. Brian Luvar put me onto another way to market & advertise my services by introducing me to and my first impression will be explained shortly so keep your pants on. I just want to start by saying that word of mouth and social media are probably the best forms of advertising but to each his own, don’t know why I stated that there but I did. Okay, my first impression of is that it’s a legit version of It’s… I guess AngiesList Vs. CraigsList. It’s FREE which is always splendid BUT you have to pay a certain dollar amount to really play. What it is… is… people seeking certain services post what they’re looking for, the service providers see those inquiries and budgets and can reply to that service seeker but have to pay to send them their quote. I hope I didn’t confuse you, yes… to send someone a quote you have to pay which bugged me out at first because even if they don’t hire you… you don’t get that money back. You do get the money back if they don’t view your quote within 2 days. To send a quote can cost you anywhere between $1.99 – $85.00 but you have choices and credits and some other confusing stuff I haven’t figured out yet. I do think the pay to play part of it probably helps the service provider with SEO but not getting the job after spending $9.00 just to send the potential client your quote is like throwing money away. I don’t know, I signed up and I’m using it. I’ve sent out at least 8 quotes since joining and I’ve probably spent $35-$40 in total sending those out. I only purchase the cheapest rate to send quotes though, eff that. Lol..

A wise old man once said you have to spend money to make money and I guess this can be a good thing for me, I’ll just have to wait and see.. My rationale of is just premature, I’m sure if you log on to their site and read how it works it may make total sense. I’ve made stupid purchases in life like timeshares and camera equipment I never used, I don’t see why another investment will kill me….


~ by mrflowersphotos on January 15, 2014.

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