Coming soon to my online store….. *DRUM ROLL*

ABlock_1(WWW) copyThis year I will begin to introduce potential clients to products that they’ll be able to love for years, I’m talking about items that are rare and are of very good quality. Not like I haven’t been providing quality photography for the past few years but I want people to be able to take my work home and absolutely live with it and love it. I mean, any photographer can give you pictures on a CD/ DVD or DropBox and or email them to you but having a tangible is so much better. This photography thing is a dog eat dog world and a cheaper priced photographer with lesser quality work will get the job before a standard market priced photographer with quality work. Trust me, I’ve seen it all… With that said, new for 2014.. we are now providing our customers with a product I’ve adapted from one of my mentors. It’s a 5 x 7 Acrylic Block that can sit on a desk, coffee and or end table, what’s so cool about this block is that it’s not like a regular picture frame that loses it’s stability and balance after a while. These blocks are very sturdy at 1-1/4 inch thick. Right now I’m only offering these at the 5 x 7 size but will also add the 8 x 10 & 8 x 12 sized blocks to my arsenal. Prices for each size varies and are only created via your portrait session by John Flowers Photos Inc..

I posted this on Facebook yesterday and got a few good inquiries, I’ll try to answer some of the questions in this last paragraph for those that don’t follow me on Facebook.. I have a great Facebook friend that suggests I get these on Pinterest with a link to my website describing this great product offering. I want to thank Megan Collier DiFeo, yes…. that is definitely in the plans for I am just in the final stages of updating my website and understanding Pinterest a bit more. I’ve used it a couple times creating what I thought was a mood board but I never met with the client I was building that board for. Lol, I will keep you posted though… Another inquiry came from a childhood friend of mine, she wanted to know whether these blocks would only be available with images I’ve actually shot as the photographer and I did reply to that as well with YES. I will offer this product as a part of a portrait session package I offer so.. with one flat rate the client will get the portrait session, professional editing, production and the item delivered directly to their home. It’s a one stop shop…

For more information about this product or any future products and services, please feel free to email me at ““. Thanks for reading y’all..




~ by mrflowersphotos on January 7, 2014.

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