Went out with a bang in 2013, well.. to me I did..

BraxtonInspired_6FBI want to lead this one off with the Braxton Inspired photo shoot because this was probably the lowest budget shoot I’ve shot since I’ve been shooting. I felt what I was able to do with a $7.00 budget was incredible and i’m not patting myself on the back either. Everything from the phantom white seamless that was (4) .99 Cent Store shower curtain linings on down to the reflective floor. I only had 19 minutes to shoot for make up took approximately 4 hours. My good friend and make up artist/ hair stylist Cynthia Dietz did a kick ass job, I have to give credit where credit is due. A big thank you goes out to my assistant/ good friend Angie Vasquez as well. She’s an up and coming photographer that I’m happy to help for she reached out to me to teach her a thing or two and I know she’s going to be just fine if she sticks by me. Shout out to Troy from my office that linked Angie & I too…

My wife’s cousin Kim came up with the idea for this shoot, she saw the portrait of the Braxton Sisters and wanted to duplicate it. At first I thought the idea was corny because it was already done but a couple hours into setting up my lights I thought something good can come out of this. The location the shoot took place provided me with a 5 hour window and I think we all arrived at the location by noon. 18-20 frames and I was good….. From left to right we have Keisha Forrester“, “Micha Jackson“, “Kim Davidson“, “Grace Moore“, “Tashima Flowers” and “Aliyah Forrester. A very long production but at the end of the day… probably one of the best images I shot all of 2013.. Kim’s sister Lisa was supposed to be the 7th young lady in the portrait but a wardrobe malfunction caused her to not participate. I said I was going to shoot this image to Twitter and add a couple of the Braxton sisters to the thread to see if I get a response. Hopefully I don’t get cursed out or sued.. I’ll keep y’all posted though, welcome to 2014 fam…



~ by mrflowersphotos on January 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “Went out with a bang in 2013, well.. to me I did..”

  1. Lol!!! Great job Flowers; great job Ladies!!

  2. Your wife’s cousin Kim is a person who is great and always has good ideas. That picture of her sister Lisa is hot!!

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