I work with some amazing people I tell ya…

LyndaSite copyEver since day one of the photography journey I’ve had the opportunity to work with with some real amazing folks but don’t get it twisted. There have been a few nut cases, but I think I’ve had the better of the best. A couple weeks ago I shot products for my good friend and boutique owner Celina Brown, long shoot but very productive. With Ms. Brown came one of my favorite make up artist Ms. Latisha Webster and model Ms. Lynda Rose. The shoot was the beginning of the re-launch of Celina’s website/ online store, the quality of the products are second to none and I look forward to seeing Celina succeed and I know she will. She has a very good eye for talent and that’s why she brings the best to my studio when it’s time to work. Did I mention the shoot was super long and we all were hungry again? Lol.. Going forward, I have to call cut and break for lunch. I don’t know why we always do that, I guess thinking the shoot will be a quick one but that won’t be the case when the make up artists bag is 100 lbs heavy… oh, and when the model has 8-10 pairs of shoes… oh, and when the client has 3 dresses and a plethora of jewelry. I loved working with them and on top of that I love the images we were able to create. This was good look for both Celina and I for she’s re-launching/ re-vamping her website and so am I.

I do however have a bunch of other products I need to shoot table top wise for the client but I don’t think she’s in a rush so I’ve been pacing myself, I will get to them this week. Hopefully Celina isn’t reading this, i’m sure she thinks I’ve already shot them. Lol… Don’t worry Celina, you know I got you….!! The image embedded in the entry is of the very beautiful Ms. Lynda Rose who has more that 20k followers on Instagram, i’m so jealous… She was/ is a great talent and I look forward to working with her again on something. She has me thinking that 1950’s Pin Up thing again… Oh geez, remember how that went…? I don’t know, stay tuned though…



~ by mrflowersphotos on November 25, 2013.

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