Food photography, yes… I do that too..

TheOneHey all, sorry for the long wait. I know you guys were refreshing your browsers wondering when the next entry was coming. Okay, there was a break but it’s here. Yes, it’s finally here. I don’t like taking these breaks when it comes to blogging but sometimes it’s the nature of the beast. No work equals no blog entries, I do have to find a way to keep you all entertained when in drought season but until then enjoy what I have for you today. My beautiful wife who is a fantastic cook puts some very interesting and delicious things together and I wanted to make light as to what she’s capable of. I’m only giving you guys a tease, don’t want to give away too much. The last thing I need is people trying to steal my wifes recipes, lol.

I think the influence behind shooting this was knowing my skill set and limitless ways keep me interested in doing other things. Yeah, food photography can be boring as hell but it’s needed. Go to any restaurant with a menu, go to any restaurants website, look through food magazines… it’s a genre of photography for a reason and I’m available to work in it if needed. I have a few other food photography things i’m working on behind the scenes but don’t want to put too much out there yet. I want to wait until the proposals and contracts begin being created. Once you guys get a whiff as to what i’m working on it’s going to knock your socks off. Just the way my wifes shrimp cocktail knocked my socks off. The cool thing about shooting her dishes was, I was able to eat every single one of them after I got the shot I liked.

A lot goes into this believe it or not, it’s not just putting a plate down and taking a picture of it. You have to light and style the same way you’d light and style a model. To Be Continued….


~ by mrflowersphotos on November 11, 2013.

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