Out with the old…..

20130810_165345 I’ve favored a lighting style of photography that I’ve become very comfortable with and just like with everything else, things become old and out dated. I watched my mentor Mr. David Hobby do his thing and wanted to become him because I found him to be a minimalists to say the least. How he was/ is able to light subjucts/ products  with the smallest devices intrigued me, I then became a Strobist as well… lol. I found the most inexpensive speed lights I could find at the time and made a little studio, got a few light modifiers, light stands, a wireless tranceiver system, seamless paper rolls and I was ready to go. 4 years later I’m updating things a bit and I’ve noticed I’ve purchased a lot of things on impulse alone. Yes, the Yongnou YN460-II’s featured in this entry were needed at the time but since those I’ve also purchased 2-3 other wireless Tranceiver systems, LED ring lights, light modifiers and other things I’ll probably never use so I’ll end up selling them or giving them away… I can’t remember who told me that photography would become the most expensive hobby, I think it was Monte who said that. He’s been right is all I can say…

Oh, I just purchased (2) more speed lights, a small soft box, an octa box, a speed light adapter and something else the other day on Amazon.com.. It just doesn’t stop…. Lol


~ by mrflowersphotos on September 19, 2013.

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