Oh yeah, I did end up shooting that Sweet 16..

AshleyS16_47I forgot to post about it, well.. I actually didn’t forget. I was still working out the paper work situation that I never got around to begin in the first place. At the end of the night I did get paid but the person paying wasn’t too excited that I didn’t have a receipt book nor a contract. After what I went through to get the job, i really didn’t think I needed one but that goes to show that I wasn’t handling my business right. The person affording the services wanted me to sign a piece of paper stating what I was receiving for my services and I totally respected her wishes. I did offer that they not pay me and wait until I send them the invoice and pay me electronically but they trusted my word. 2 hours later, I sent the client the invoice stating that I was paid in full for 7+ hours of photography. You guys are probably thinking to yourselves “7+ hours?”. That’s right… The gig was from 7pm – 11pm but if I’m not mistaken the Sweet 16 didn’t make an appearance until 10PM or so but I couldn’t bounce at 11PM because I would have no images to show for. It was a good time to say the least, I think I left the location at 2:30AM. It’s awesome seeing these beautiful young ladies grow up to be such beautiful women. The music was great, the food was fantastic and shout out to Tito who hit me off with a double shot of Johnnie Walker. I don’t usually drink while working but shoot… standing around doing nothing for 3 hours can make a brother thirsty…

Ashley will be receiving an 8 x 11 hard cover photo album of some great moments captured at her Sweet 16, I really hope her and her parents like it. I’m going to try my best and make them cry tears of joy when they see these photos… For All Your Photography Needs & Special Events…



~ by mrflowersphotos on August 21, 2013.

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