I think I’m shooting a Sweet 16 tomorrow night…

Sweet-16-in-NYCLol, this is a very strange story and I’ll let you guys pick it apart if you like… A potential client reached out to me regarding shooting her daughters Sweet 16. I agreed to it and my batteries are charging as I type this in preparation, just joking but I will begin charging them tomorrow morning. I was supposed to meet with the client a month ago or so to go over the contract and get a deposit on the total cost but that never happened. The date has always been available and I know people get busy with life so I kind of gave up on it because our communication was just not good. I’d call, text and email and she wouldn’t respond so in the back of my mind I’m like “I guess she found another photographer” so I stopped thinking about it. UNTIL, I get an email from the client last week reminding me of the Sweet 16, the time and the location. Okay, so now everything is back on…. allegedly. I usually prefer the contract signing and deposit thing before hand because it solidifies/ guarantees me, i’m still kind of going into this blindly with no contract signed and or deposit. What if I show up camera, flashes, light stand(s) and all and another photographer is there already? What if I drive all the way up there tomorrow night and get a text seconds before I walk in stating my services are no longer needed? These are some of the things that happen and it’s very rare, I’ll keep you guys posted…..


~ by mrflowersphotos on August 8, 2013.

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