Mo’s Sunday Comics Hosted By Dave Lester…

mo2'sI made a special trip to Brooklyn to link up with a couple of my boys on Sunday night, we needed something to help take our minds off the tragic loss of a good friend. Needed a laugh or two because that’s all our friend who’s no longer with us did, he made us laugh. R.I.P Karl Smith….

We shot down to Mo’s which is located at 80 Lafayette St. In Brooklyn because I knew of a comedy showcase that has been taking place there for some time. Although we didn’t get any seats due to how crowded the location was we made it a night for drankin…!! Oh, I was there taking pictures too and I have to remember to bring my 50mm 1.4 lens with me the next time because the lighting in this place was horrible… I got a chance to hear a few of the jokes but I usually don’t move back and forward to the bar while working because I’m working. I was working and hanging out with the fellas all at the same time…. The showcase is called “Mo’s Sunday Comics” and it’s hosted by Mr. Dave Lester, a good guy… I’ve known Dave for some time, if you guys look back you’ll see some images of Dave from other showcases and rooms he’s had in Brooklyn. I kind of follow the interesting people and people I have interest in. Not like a stalker but if I find a good thing I tend to believe some good things will come out of them. A couple hours and a few drinks later I find a reason to want to come back and document this show but hopefully the stage will be lit a lot better and I’ll remember to bring my super fast lens..

Oh yeah, shout out to crazy ass Simeon Goodson…


~ by mrflowersphotos on August 6, 2013.

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