Reggie Noble on the 1’s & 2’s

RichmondHoodCo_15This post is so late and I’m mad that I’m just entering it, okay… I’ll make this quick. I was bored and I wanted to shoot something, when I have a slow weekend I make up work by just finding something I’m interested in taking a look at. I was on Instagram and was browsing around someones profile and saw a flier for a showcase that was taking place on Staten Island and I reached out. I asked the handle whether it was okay for me to stop and and snap a couple images. They were okay with it so I ran out the house that evening with my equipment.. Minutes into getting my camera settings adjusted I’m glancing around looking for good looking people to take images of and I saw a dude that looked like “Redman”. I shook it off and said “is that Redman standing there talking to people with a laptop in one of his hands?, no…”. I looked up again while looking for the correct white balance and it turned out that the guy was Redman but I wondered what the hell was he doing here. I know Method Man is his homeboy but where’s Meth and why is Redman here on Castleton Ave/ Staten Island….? A few performances by some local hip hop artists later and the host announces that Redman was going to be spinning for an hour and I was hype. Reggie is a very good DJ as well as an emcee, he was gettin busy all without a pair of headphones. I thought he just DJ’d like that but come to find out either he didn’t bring his or there wasn’t a pair there for him to use… I didn’t get the shots some would probably think I would go for with the celebrity posing for a picture with a fan or two, I got the shot(s) I wanted and those were images of him actually spinning records… Oh yeah, while not wearing headphones.

RichmondHoodCo_49The showcase was a Richmond Hood Co. event sponsored by Hi-Chew to name a few. It was a sticker art contest which I’ve never heard of before but there are some very interesting things happening out on Staten Island and I was glad I stopped in. Oh, a company reached out to me on Instagram to see if I could email them the pictures I took so they can use them on their blog. I was flattered but when I asked how did they treat crediting the photographer as well as if they’d crop out my watermark they never responded. I didn’t want any revenue, I just wanted to be treated right… Oh well, their lost….


~ by mrflowersphotos on August 4, 2013.

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