Frankie Negron Live @ The Hilton Garden Inn – Staten Island

FrankieNI move around a lot, well… not as much as I used to. Looking for interesting places to be. My weekend work load consists of me leaving Staten Island to potentially do photography work in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan and if any of you know Staten Island… to get back into Staten Island costs $15.00. I mean, it’s cheaper for residents like myself but still… People have said there’s absolutely nothing to do on Staten Island and I’ve been on a mission to delete that myth. There might not be anything for some, but there are things to do on Staten Island. I made a couple phone calls after finding a flyer underneath my cars winshield wiper. I reached out to the promoter whose number was on the flyer after visiting the website I saw on the flyer as well. I wasn’t too impressed by the photography that came with some of the events they had in the past so I decided to put my bid in. A week later, I’m at the event and I’m shooting some performances by salsa recording artist “Frankie Negron” and bachata recording artists “K-Rose” & “B.A. Star“. The lighting on the stage wasn’t too flattering so I was forced to use a few tricks I have up my sleeve. I shot primarily with the 50mm f1.4 with my speedlight attached to the top of my camera. I usually just use the 70-200mm f2.8 without a speedlight when shooting concerts but there were no stage lights at the venue at all. I made it happen though, took a few images and now I’m waiting on the promoter to get back to me to see if I can be an asset to their team. I honestly think they need me… I’ll keep you guys posted…


~ by mrflowersphotos on July 1, 2013.

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