Central Park Summer Stage Presents “Femi Kuti”

dfasdfdsfsfdI’ve been in and around some real cool things in my career as a photographer but somethings trump others easily. I’m not one for being amongst 19 other photographers in a pit but I become comfortable once I’m entertained. I had the pleasure of shooting “Femi Kuti” at Central Parks Summer Stage last weekend and if I had to list my top 5 live performers… Femi Kuti has easily made that list. The colors, the action, the expression and lest not forget the music. I love live instrumentation, keys, brass, drums and the like. I partnered up with Noisemaker Media to bring life to a few of these free concerts this summer and we’ve been putting in work. It’s hot as hell out there but work is work… I’ll be honest, I had never heard any music from Femi Kuti but have seen the name any and everywhere from certain message boards to different social media websites. When I picked the days I was available to cover the concerts I didn’t look at the artists names as if I was interested in seeing them perform, I chose dates that I was actually available due to my schedule. I’m not even going to get into “The Zombies” who I had shot the weekend before but I guess you can say I’ve been sleeping on a lot of music which is weird for my old age. Lol, I hope you guys enjoy the photos…


~ by mrflowersphotos on June 26, 2013.

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