Some of my personal favorite nightlife photos….

NightLife_1A little more than a year ago I was looking for a little extra cash and I figured I’d jump on the nightlife scene, it was and still is a way to earn a little money on the side and to meet some potential clientele. It’s dragging as hell though, I’ll tell you. Your gear can get messed up, clubs in NYC don’t shut down until 4AM and you have to get a certain amount of shots in order to have a good looking gallery. You don’t want to make the promoters look bad. I’ve been hit with everything from being confronted by club goers, spilled drinks in on and on my equipment, bouncers that won’t even let me in even though I’ve already been paid to shoot at the event, pepper spray and the list goes on. I’ve actually learned a lot from shooting at nightclubs to, I thank a fellow photographer named Keno. Maybe one day I’ll tell him that I think he’s the reason I started creating better images. A photo tells a lot about a person or people at a nightclub, it shows the amount of fun their having, and the type of night the viewer wishes he or she could have partaken in. I’ve shown my wife some of the pictures I’ve captured and what some of these women wear and do for the photographer is fascinating, I mean.. it’s nasty and if they were all God Fearing people they wouldn’t behave or dress that way. Lol, i’m going to hell..

Anyway, the images attached to this blog post consists of some of my personal favorites. The exposure, the ambient, the subject him or herself, the colors and the post production. A lot of people brag about how their night out was or has been similar to a movie and I see this myself night in and night out while working at nightclubs in NYC. As a nightlife photographer I tend to look for the folks that are having a good time because they will display that in your photos. People that are texting and just sitting down get ignored, how can I display the fun you’re having while searching your Instagram feed while in a nightclub…?

Some nights are better than others, some promoters do damn good jobs by getting the party goers out. I’ve been to some clubs where there have only been a total of 16 people there that night. The camera will clearly stay in the camera bag that night. How embarrassing is that…? I’ve run into people that think i’m the photographer that’s running to my car to print the photos that same night to sell it to them. I’ve been in situations where I’ve gotten a bit tipsy because a promoter or a few party goers like me that much as a person, it’s fun. It’s hectic, it’s hot and sweaty, it’s work, it’s a great way to network and it’s an opportunity to get great images. Do they do anything for my personal portfolio?, maybe not but someone is watching. Someone is having a party and is sick of Jessica’s iPhone photos, I say hire a real event photographer like myself. Not only to get good quality images but to keep me posting about how cool some of my pictures look. Lol…


~ by mrflowersphotos on June 20, 2013.

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