Wedding portraiture and my plan(s)…

WedPrev_1I could be on to something guys, back to back blog entries…? I think I might even have something brewing for tomorrow as well. A couple months ago the idea of entertaining wedding photography was discussed between my dude Fashion Photographer Brian Luvar & myself. We shot a wedding last year but it was hella ratchet. I can’t believe I just used those 2 terms in a blog entry. Yes, it was so ratchet that we decided to not allow anyone to see the images. We just couldn’t sell our talents based on what we were dealt. Part my inexperience and the bride and grooms styles. We figured with his fashion eye and my in the moment and portrait eyes we could make something work. We could finally start getting some real money that made it worth using our photography talents the way we utilize and execute them. So, we shot a staged wedding… lol. Okay, it was staged but we needed something to show that we could match up with some of the best of them out there. That we could shoot the same stuff they shoot, that we haven’t practiced so hard at this to keep only earning a couple hundred dollars here and there. We want to begin putting out a real product that customers can’t deny. Collectively we shot some pretty interesting images that have been posted to all the regular social networking sites, giving some of our followers a glance at what we can do. Giving the make up artist, dress designer, hair technician and the models involved a chance to be featured in something they probably never have been. Something along the line of commercial wedding photos, yes… commercial wedding photography.

I tried becoming the second shooter or the apprentice of a wedding photographer that’s actually doing it to no avail and I’m too hungry to keep waiting so I had to do what would work for me. I’m self taught so this works better for my story, I can’t give anyone credit for what I’ve learned so far other than Gerald Peart and if you talk to Gerald he’ll probably tell you that I did it all on my own through persistance. Okay, let me get back to the strory..

We both scouted out locations in advance to get the images we both thought would work as an entry to where we know we can take this and I think we did a damn good job. The day of the shoot time played a big role because all of the pre-shoot stuff takes time and what I was going for needed to be done at a certain hour. Needless to say, out of 5 locations I got to 4 which is/ was pretty good. My model was freezing and I felt so bad that I called the cut time a bit early, not only was she cold but she also had an appointment later that evening. My Nikon SB-600 flash was dropped twice that day by my lovely assistant and it hasn’t worked the same since, that was the only sour point of that actual day. It was fun, I want to thank everyone involved in the project and hopefully we’ll all work together again soon…


~ by mrflowersphotos on May 30, 2013.

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