Sears’ Portrait Studio closing…? YAY…..!!!!!!

DSC_8361On a conference call last week with a fellow photographer and a dress maker. The topic focused on a project we’re collaborating on and Sears’ Portrait Studio closing came up. The discussion was brief but it went in a direction I wanted it to knowing that this now opens that lane back up for quality studio photographers to create the portraits family’s need and to actually get paid properly for them. I know times are rough but I think quality portraits from your local photographer have always been the way to go. I’ve lost business for being overpriced if that’s a such word when it comes to quality work and I’m not the best portrait photographer on Staten Island and in NYC overall. I’ve seen Sears’ portraits and they look horrible compared to something “Zack Arias“, “David Hobby“, “Lee Morris” or myself could actually pull of and create. Now, Zack, David and Lee probably charge 3 times as much as I would for portraits but those images will last a life time and why not get the best, second best or third best Vs. going the Uncle Bob route? The Uncle Bob Syndrome is for those folks that hear your price point and their rebuttal is “You know what, my Uncle Bob has a camera like that. He’ll do it for me for free or mega cheap”. Hey, I’m still new to this photography thing but there’s no way in hell I’ll allow any of my clients to hang anything on their living room wall that looks like the $9.99 special from Uncle Bob’s Photo booth…. The portrait attached to this post is of my handsome son Jackson Aiden Flowers, he is now the poster child of my company. He doesn’t know it yet but I’ll explain it to him when he gets a little older. Lol….


~ by mrflowersphotos on April 9, 2013.

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