The only reason Twitter works for me…

2-20-2013 7-16-20 AMWhen I started my photography company I knew I had to become part of all the major social networking websites and it took me a while to grasp Twitter. I’m still not the best Tweeter out there, but I do make announcements every once in a while. Having access to someone directly is so cool because you can get the information you need in no time. Either from the company itself or directly from the horses mouth. I recently purchased a soft box that was on back order and after a month of just being patient I finally decided to inquire via Twitter. There was no snark or anything like that, I just wanted to see if the manufacturer was watching. They were watching and I have more respect for Westcott Lighting Solutions than I had before. I’ve always loved their products and now along with this I guess I can add customer service to that conversation. I mean, they responded within hours after my Tweet and I was so fine with that. The soft box was delivered 4-5 days later and I’m the happiest man alive. Now I just have to find a reason to actually use this new light modifier… I meant to post this right after it occurred but I got side tracked, sorry for the delay and shout out to Adorama and Westcott Lighting Solutions…


~ by mrflowersphotos on March 5, 2013.

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