Ppl will finally know that I’m an actual photographer, THERE’S PROOF..!!

DSC_0206I’m not one for being in photographs although there are images of me on the internet via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram but no one really takes pictures of me. For one, I’m not that photogenic and two… I’d rather take photos Vs. actually being in them. Things feel different when candids are shot, like… I don’t really have any cool pictures of my son and I just yet. There are some smartphone camera images floating around but as a photographer, I hate those freaking pictures. I do a lot of talking and blogging about these photo shoots I have and no one has done any behind the scenes work for me or actually assisted me so I can update my blog and do all sorts of things that show me at work. Well, at work as a photographer… until last Sunday when my boy Kenny Watz stopped down to be my muse for the day. He took some great BTS images and I’m happy I finally have some….

DSC_0209Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… my shirt was wrinkled as all hell but I’m at work, who cares? Iron a T-Shirt on a lazy Sunday?, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME 4 DAT…..!!!!!


~ by mrflowersphotos on February 21, 2013.

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