Behind the scenes

DSC_4079 (800 x 572)Oh man, where do I start with the LOOOOOOOOOOOONG night I had this past Sunday/ Monday. I had a (2) shoot  day that turned into one of the LOOOOOOOOOOONGEST shoot days/ nights/ mornings ever. I have no problem producing the images but when both appointments don’t arrive until 2.5 hours after the time they were slotted for that can become a major problem. Let’s start with my good friend & boutique owner Celina Brown at Can’t really discuss why she was really late but the inside joke behind it will haunt her for as long as her and I remain friends. She had the talent and the make up artist with her and it was all good. I had a good game plan going in, I was supposed to start the shoot at 1PM and I figured it would be a 2-3 hour and I could jump straight to my 4PM. Okay, the 1PM didn’t get to my studio until 5:45PM and the 4PM didn’t leave her house until 4PM so she got to my studio at 6PM. Ms. Irene Dominguez, called me at 4PM to tell me she had a malfunction and was just leaving her house. This young lady lives in the Bronx and my studio is in Staten Island. Lol, I can’t make this up…. I didn’t finish shooting until 2AM but I’ve looked at the images from both shoots and I really like what I see…. Shout out to Celina, Lauren, Latisha, Irene and my dude Kenny Watz who was my assistant, 2nd shooter and muse all in one day… I had a very good time even though y’all had me up all hours of the night… Until next time..


~ by mrflowersphotos on February 20, 2013.

One Response to “Behind the scenes”

  1. Finally ya azz did some work!!!!! Glad all worked out you lazy bastard!!! :0)

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