In studio head shot session with Comedian “Jamie Roberts”

JRS (800 x 530)When I was first messing around with this photography thing I was throwing myself at certain places that would help me get my name out there. Whether it was because I was a cool dude or the real reason, that being to be somewhere I could hand out my business cards. I met Jamie Roberts in Brooklyn while covering a comedy showcase hosted by another comedian Hadiyah Robinson. I’ll never forget Jamie, because he used to get on me about being the steroid abusing photographer. No, I’ve never used steroids but I rock muscle shirts during the summer. Are they really muscle shirts, or are they shirts that just fit…? Whatever, Jamie turned out to be a cool dude and I’d tag him in the photos I’d capture of him like I did with every other comedian or patron at the events I got to know. It was just something I did every week for no pay but to get some work in as well as to try and make a name for myself.

Jamie reached out to me a couple weeks ago and stated he needed some updated head shots and I was excited because not only am I’m doing what I love, I’m shooting another individual who will indeed be successful very shortly. Jamie is as mentioned a very talented and funny comedian, an event host, a comedic writer and many other things. (Click here to read more about Jamie Roberts) I’m actually going to re-shoot some of the full body images from the shoot because Jamie is 6’3″ and my ceiling wasn’t cooperating with his height. The image that leads this post is one I said I’d take straight to my blog and Facebook and I did just that…. Lol. Stay tuned for the REAL head shots, I’ll begin my post production to Jamie’s selection once he reviews the proofs. It was just a fun few hours at my studio. I’d like to thank the great Renee Strong as well as Mr. Jamie Roberts for allowing me the opportunity….


~ by mrflowersphotos on January 22, 2013.

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