Just when I was beginning to “Like” Instagram…

img20121214103625I hear all this talk about them potentially utilizing your personal photos for their own benefit. Meaning, they can sell your images without getting your permission while making a profit you’ll never see or be a part of. That ain’t right…. For the most part, Instagram is just a social media dump like Facebook & Twitter. Well, it is Facebook if you’ve been reading & watching the news. A dump because it’s a place where you want to let loose and post a silly picture of yourself, your dinner entree on a plate or your dog dressed up as a reindeer. We like to share silly stuff like that with our peers but if the vehicle we use to do that is profiting off of our creative hand/ eye… then why can’t we be part of the ones making money? Me, I became a member of Instagram to just do what everyone else was doing. When I saw how silly I could be to get a laugh or two I was game. I then decided to showcase my talent there hoping that I’d draw up some clientele, gain a couple more followers and shock the world. Okay, shocking the world is a bit much but I did hope I’d interest people into hiring me for my talent. Just as I’ve been doing since I started taking photography serious, I had always watermarked my images with my companies name but will I have to do this for everything I post, re-post and steal/ swipe from other users…?

The OG’s of Instagram will tell you, I’m not one but you always see post from those users spewing “Instagram was more fun when people used to post serious pictures/ photographic images” but who wants to be serious all the time? Like those Facebook OG’s, the ones that got first dibs to having an account due to their college or whatever. Everything becomes saturated so deal with it… I guess the people at Instagram are dealing with it too and cutting you & me out of the deal. What do we do before Jan. 16 of 2013, do we remove our accounts or do we watermark all of our images so that the world can know we’re the creators of them? Will that even work….? Stay tuned….

Oh, and I’m the photographer behind all 5 of the images in that collage that’s attached to this blog entry… LOOK AT MY WATERMARK SON……!!!!!


~ by mrflowersphotos on December 18, 2012.

One Response to “Just when I was beginning to “Like” Instagram…”

  1. I have an idea. How about people just stop putting their business out there for all of the world to see. While everyone is posting images, messages and information about their insignificant lives, these companies are making billions off of people’s bullshit. I believe that social media has its place and can be useful. However I can give two fucks about looking at a picture of what meal you are about to eat or what club you are going to or whatever bullshit quote people want to post that they borrowed from someone more intelligent than themselves. So when Instagram decides to sell that picture that you posted of your fat ass in a bikini on the beach to a weight loss company without your permission just remember…. you are the one who chose to put it out there.

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