Nikon was definitely in the building…

WZqTJP_largeI don’t know why I chose this photo for the photo that represents this post. I think it’s because this guy was mad cool and he had some photography questions while I was chillin during a down time minute or two. He wanted to know how come at some events photographers aren’t allowed to take photos of celebrities and I couldn’t really answer his question correctly. I told him it had something to do with contracts/ agreements the venues have with the celebrities handlers. I think he asked me the question 3 times before I heard him due to the loud music playing at this club I was shooting in. I explained to him that locations like where we were that night have promoters that pay photographers to capture the night life and that’s why we’re allowed to be there to do what we do. BUT, there are situations where a certain celebrity might be at a location and would prefer to not have their photo taken. I guess they don’t want any bad press, or they just don’t want to be seen at a certain place at a certain time. Us, the guys with the big DSLR’s will respect their wish but that young lady with the iPhone?, trust me.. she snuck a shot in…

800px-Nikon_SU-800_frontI forgot where I was going with this post but here’s why Nikon ruled the night. Look around, I guarantee you at least 8 out of the 10 shooters you know shoot with Canon products and that’s fine. Canon to me, is the Apple of the camera world. It’s the go to, the name everyone knows, the so called safer and better buy. Nikon, on the other hand is popular as well but it’s #2 when it comes to cameras I believe. Well, Saturday night while I was shooting at Club Providence I noticed my flash going off before I popped the shutter and I was scratching my head thinking something was wrong with my equipment. I’m using my SU-800 Wireless Commander and after it happened at least 5 times I thought to myself “wait, some other photographer is probably on the same channel as I” I look downstairs and there he is. I approach the young fella who was using a Nikon as well with the same commander. Turned out, him and I was on the same channel. He switches channels, we give each other dap and exchange names. BUT, then it started happening again about an hour later. ANOTHER photographer, and he too was on a channel we were sharing so I switched. That has never happened in the year or so I’ve been doing this. Nikon was definitely in the building.


~ by mrflowersphotos on December 3, 2012.

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