When the subject makes the shoot THAT much better…

I want to thank Dominique Stroman for allowing me to utilize her talent and beauty. She came to me when I was very desperate. I’ll try to give you guys the short version, okay… I had a product shoot scheduled, locked in the date and time with my talent, locked in the date and time with my client, we were ready to roll. I call the talent the night before to confirm, she can’t make it and wants to reschedule. I cried. Nah, I didn’t cry but I did what I hate doing and that’s putting out casting calls on Model Mayhem. The reason I hate doing that is because the models there are 99% of the time full of shit. You lock them in, and the bail on you. Dominique Stroman is obviously part of the 1%. Between my client http://www.vie-chic.com/ and I we saw some awesome faces, but Dominique Stroman stood out by far. What made it even wilder was she lives on Staten Island too so her commute to my studio couldn’t have been easier. Just a great shoot overall, I think I got in 2 test shots before I began firing for real. The shot in the post stood out to me because it illustrates all the fun we had during this very successful photo shoot.

I only wish all my other photo shoots could be as easy as this one was…


~ by mrflowersphotos on November 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “When the subject makes the shoot THAT much better…”

  1. Hey Mr. Flowers!! Congrats on your newborn. Mine is 7the weeks old :-).

    The model in this post is gorgeous and full of life. Nice to hear it went well. It’s also nice to hear that legit photographers use MM, well unless you are thar 1% lol.

    Welcome back to bloggin’

  2. Awwhh SheenaB, you’re my only faithful reader and I appreciate you so much. Yes, I remember knowing you were expecting and our kids have to be around the same age. My son will be 2 months on Dec. 5th.

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