@ 6 years, she’s been soooo good to me..

People get on me all the time because I’m anti-apple meaning  no ipod, no ipad, no mac and anything that has to do with Apple products. I’m a PC guy, I use PC’s, I’m an Android user, and I have a 2nd generation Microsoft Zune that my lovely wife got me almost 6 years ago. It’s never crashed, nor has it ever given me a problem. I know people that have had 2-3 iPods in the time I’ve only had this 1 device. I’ve dropped it a few times but she keeps on ticking. Well, that was until yesterday when I dropped it and the silver backing that covers the wireless part popped off. I didn’t notice it until later in the day and since I’m not one for looking sloppy out in public the first thing I did was log onto google. I typed in “80 gig zune replacement parts” and $9.99 cent later I have a new silver backing in route to be delivered to me. Shout out to lovely people at http://www.rapidrepair.com and mother eff an iPod.

Better believe another post will come once I get the new backing along with an updated image. My Zune is the ish…..


~ by mrflowersphotos on May 24, 2012.

One Response to “@ 6 years, she’s been soooo good to me..”

  1. How does it feel to walk around with a brick all day????

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