Gotta catch them in the moment….

I don’t know what type of photographer I really want to be in the long run,  I’ve been playing around with it all but the event photography portion has been the most entertaining to me. It’s fast paced, it’s candid and it’s aggressive. It can be annoying as hell too… Not that I NEED to get pictures of everyone while shooting at nightclubs but it’s funny because people will fend you off when they see the camera but 2-3 drinks later they want their picture taken. How ironic….? Some of the best ones are the candids, pretty much like the one you see in this thread. Okay, it’s part posed/ part candid. I ran up on these two and asked the question of the evening. “Hey, mind if I get a shot of you guys?”. They were game, as soon as dude saw the auto-focus laser lock in he went in for the kiss… Great shot guys, probably was the best image I captured that evening…


~ by mrflowersphotos on March 15, 2012.

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