1950’s Pin Up with Kellye Janel-Diaz

Okay, so I was going to do away with this series because I think I was overly excited and the subjects I wanted to shoot weren’t moving fast enough for me. I think I have a new friend in Kellye Janel-Diaz, the beautiful young lady you see in the photograph heading this thread. Very easy to work with, loves doing this and doesn’t seem to have a problem getting to the studio (my kitchen) on time. I reached out to Kellye a while back on Model Mayhem because I thought she was adorable and I wanted to work with her. I basically told her that I would shoot her at the drop of a dime at any time, I needed a model that I could showcase whenever the creative juices began to flow and she hasn’t been anything less than spectacular since the day we first shot together.

I took to Facebook regarding not wanting to continue with the series and a few young ladies put a battery in my back and made me pick the camera back up and re-focus it. Sonya Denise Freeman of 16 Stone Vintage, man.. I can’t thank this woman enough. I have to take her out to dinner for helping me with this shoot, everything from wardrobe to props. She came through for me and we made it happen. Special thanks to Crystal Isley & Deanna Martin-Osuagwu too, every time I think, see and read anything regarding 1950’s pin up I’ll think of you all. A little inspiration goes a long way. Now, if I can only find my next subject….



~ by mrflowersphotos on March 6, 2012.

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