Throwback Thursday & Karaoke @ Rustik Tavern

Happy New Year from Brian Luvar, DJ Burnin’ Ernie D, the Rustik Tavern staff and myself. Every other Thursday you can catch these guys do there thing and host a karaoke showcase that’s easily better than any you’ve attended. Good times, good drinks, good food and a few good pictures to go along with it all.

Shout out to the people I invited that came out, my wife Tashima, Sandra, Annette, Sirron & Fly Ty. Glad you guys could come out and see where I focus the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. Come down again if you guys had a good time and bring a friend. Oh, and next time I promise I’ll perform a song. I’m sure I’ll instantly become a new member of the “Butcher Shop”… Big up to all the regulars I see there even on the days when I’m just in there as a patron..

Once again, I want to wish you all a prosperous 2012. Let’s make it a wonderful year…


~ by mrflowersphotos on December 30, 2011.

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