Portfolio updates…

Yeah, I have to hurry up and send a few images to print because I want to go into the new year with all new stuff in my portfolio. I wonder what some of the photographers that I follow do, I need to head on over to Twitter to find out. I want to start the year with shooting my concepts and possibly pull away from the white and black seamless paper unless the talent calls for them. I don’t know. I had to hurry up and add the image in the post to the port because I have a feeling the gentleman in the picture might land a job. If he does, I hope he makes 9 million dollars and decides to give me 3. I’ll pay off my school loan, this annoying ass time share that my wife and I don’t use and I’ll take the rest and invest in my family’s future. Lol, if only making money was that easy. So sorry I woke up from that nap I took on the A train. Next stop, Utica Ave.


~ by mrflowersphotos on December 15, 2011.

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