Noisemaker Media, Me & This Upcoming Wknd…..

Some of y’all are aware that I’m a jack of all trades, well…. some trades. I just like to get involved in things, I like to keep positively busy if I can. I mean, I don’t like to walk around NYC streets picking up trash to keep neighborhoods clean but I find other ways of keeping myself busy. This weekend I’ll be doing various things while on set of a music video production with my main man Mark Carranceja & the good folks of Noisemaker Media. I got involved with Noisemaker Media a couple years ago while playing an extra in the music video “Payback” by Brooklyn emcee/ producer ‘Blowout’. It was an all out great experience, and I enjoyed the crew so much that I pretty much asked to be involved in any and everything they were doing when and if time permitted. I don’t know, 7-10 videos later I’ve been involved and credited as everything from Best Boy, Key Grip, 2nd Assistant Director, Production Assistant & Behind The Scenes Photographer.

(Director Mark Carranceja & John Flowers)

I stay involved with Mark and Noisemaker Media because I believe in the product they produce. I believe in the brand and I see the work they/ we put in and it keeps me excited about their/ our movement. I see a lot of big projects coming our way, whatever I’m asked to do the day of a shoot I have no problem playing that role or two roles that day if needed. See, I remember rapper Fabolous telling Star of Star & Buckwild fame that “If you can’t be used, then you’re useless“. Not used as being taken advantage of either. Just used in the capacity where people enjoy you and what you bring to the table and that’s what Noisemaker Media sees in me and that’s why I support them to the fullest. I think that’s the reason Mark stays in touch with me, who knows….? I guess what I’m trying to say in this blog post is “GET INVOLVED“. I’m sure I’ll have pictures to show the 3 of you by Monday or Tuesday so stay tuned…

I’ll holla….


~ by mrflowersphotos on October 21, 2011.

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