Watch Me……!!!!

I try harder and harder everyday with the photography thing. If i’m not reading watching a tutorial or reading another photographers blog I’m doing something in regards to photography. Today I had a photo shoot that was pretty simple, 2 adorable kids, 1 beauty dish and a reflector. I’m sure the clients will be pleased but I saw a flaw in the shots after I looked at them a half hour ago that will only make my next attempt at that same shot/ set up even better. I live and learn, I learn from my mistakes and I make the next effort my best. (Didn’t I just say that?). Any way, before the shoot I was on the phone with a work colleague who put me on the phone with her husband who I’m also cool with. He shoots as well, but I don’t know how often but he knows a thing or two. He asked me about taking pictures of watches he wants to sell on ebay and all and I said if he gave them to me I’d take the pics for him. I’ve never done it before but a little trial and error doesn’t hurt. Okay, I took a shot at it with one of my own watches and produced the image above. I already know what I could have done to make that shot better, just wait until you see attempt #2. I got this yo, watch me…


~ by mrflowersphotos on September 2, 2011.

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