Test photo shoot right next door to my gym..

For any of you that know me in person you probably know that I’m a gym rat. I don’t play basketball or any of that nonsense, I’m a weight lifting gym kind of dude. Here’s a good one, this morning I had a photo shoot with a male model/ good friend of mine and the site I thought was ideal was right behind my gym. Shout out to Richie’s Gym in Bushwick Brooklyn. Okay, the shoot… what can I say. The model made the call time, but he ended up being 2 hours late, he asked me to bring him coffee and I almost came to blows with an idot and his drunk friend at 8:30am this morning as they stroll through the set. Long story short, nothing happened and if it did I probably would be posting this from the precinct….

I want to give a special shout out to my man Ty who worked as my assistant this morning too, sorry I had you wake up so early bruh but that’s how these diva ass models get down. Lol, nah… Ty’s my brother from another mother and he’d do just about anything for me. He supports me 130% on my photographer journey and nothing’s like a support system. I love that dude….

If you’re wondering about that cool ass logo on the bottom right hand corner, yes… that’s my new company logo created by none other than Mr. Robert Young. I’ve known Rob more than half my life and the brother’s been ill with the graphics since I knew he could read and write. If you’re looking for a logo, fliers for your party and any thing graphics related please reach out to my other brother from another mother because he’s one of the best in the game…

The shoot went well overall, I would have loved to have done a bit more but losing 2 hours cost me lighting wise and activity time. (Sounds like I’m really mad at the model right?) Lol, he knew I’d rub it in (PAUSE). I’m sure he knows I’d post about it being that I do have a blog and he’s one of my subscribers. We had a good time though, I can’t wait to finish up the shoot. I have so many other ideas I’d like to use with and for him. Russ, if you’re reading… THANKS FOR BEING 2 HOURS LATE BRO……!!!! LMFAO…


~ by mrflowersphotos on May 28, 2011.

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