I got a call this morning about this picture, and….

i also had a dream about someone getting their big break in regards to this photo. I’m not going to say whether it was the subject or myself. I’ll just wait until the potential big break actually plays out. The thing is, everyone talks the talk but you have to see them walk the walk as well… Am I a professional photographer, nope but I’m a photographer that happens to be very professional. That was the question of the weekend, I may have gotten that 10-12 times. Oh, and shout out to the lady that confused my flash for a lens… I know you lied about being a photographer because no one has ever mistaken one for the other. It’s almost like riding a bike, you can never forget. Although, I hear people refer to monitors as computers all the time… Who does that….?

Any way, keep your fingers crossed for me or the subject….



~ by mrflowersphotos on April 4, 2011.

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