So, I’m selling my entire CD collection…

Yep, I’ve actually been trying to sell these for a minute but Craigslist isn’t helping. I guess it has to do with bargaining. I really want to sell this collection so I can use the money to invest in some more camera equipment. More importantly, another lens. This is the thing though, I’m selling each individual CD for $2.00 but the Craigslist Killahs reach out to me wanting to buy them at $1.00 a pop. Damn, ain’t that a bitch….? Anyway, I have more than 600 CD’s and what you see in the photo to the right is only 300 or so. If things work out, I will have that lens and might be taking pictures at your next party/ event. Lol…

I don’t know, it was hard even fixing my mind to sell them but in the world of digital music and iTunes I guess I’ve finally given in. It’s a space saver as well, I still do have the original Nintendo from 1985 and was going to sell that at one point too but my wife stopped me from doing so. I don’t even know why I’m blogging about this other than using another route to gain interest in someone actually wanting to get some of these CD’s off my hands. I hope wordpress doesn’t penalize me for this… My next investment, a 24-70mm f2.8 and I CAN’T WAIT….!!

I’ll be shooting at a Sweet 17 this upcoming Saturday and I know you’re reading this like “don’t you mean a Sweet 16?”. I do and I don’t, the young lady is actually turning 17. I didn’t ask too many questions, all I needed to know what the starting time and the location. I’m really looking forward to it..

Until next time, shamalamadingdong….


~ by mrflowersphotos on March 8, 2011.

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