2 of my best friends, my man Ty & Jack..

Big up to my homie Ty for standing in on Saturday, can’t tell me the guy doesn’t look smooth.What you need after a long hard day at the office is a nice stiff drink. The fellas and I hung out on Saturday, oh… there was one young lady who’s going to be a thorn in my side because she swears she can beat me at billiards. I’m going to keep her name to myself for now because I want you all to see her after I destroy her. That’s right, I’m going to bring the camera with me so you can see the egg that I’m going to leave on her face.. Okay, where was I…? Oh, okay.. the fellas and I went down to Rustik Tavern to knock a couple back and from there we bounced over to Amarichi’s. I still feel like a slob for not making it to the gym on Sunday morning but I did make it this morning.

Once again, 2 of my best friends in the image above. My man Tyron Connell and Jack Daniels…

I’ll catch up to y’all mid week, the camera and I will be very busy beginning tonight. Then I’ll be shooting at Rustik Tavern on Wednesday night. I’ll keep y’all posted…




~ by mrflowersphotos on February 28, 2011.

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