Dave Lester Presents..”Wine & Cheezin” (Jan. 21st)

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W&C@Nicholas_ 48

Originally uploaded by MrFlowersPhotos

I’m just saying, clearly the best comedy you’re going to get right in the heart of Brooklyn. I can never remember all of the comics names, but one young lady had me laughing so hard I pooted.. on some Robby out in Punta Cana last May ish. Oh, y’all weren’t there for that… my bad. Back to where I was going with this, good times and great laughs. Dave Lester gets the best comics for the best crowds. If you all are interested in attending this event, please look Dave Lester up on FACEBOOK, friend him and trust me…. your inbox is going to be so happy…

Y’all stay up…


~ by mrflowersphotos on January 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Dave Lester Presents..”Wine & Cheezin” (Jan. 21st)”

  1. How do I get my photo?

  2. Hi John, I really appreciate you coming out and taking photos of the comedy events. I am really digging your pics! Thanks again!

    • Most definitely Monique, I have a great time doing what I love doing. Oh, and nothing’s like a good evening of laughs after a long hard day at the office. I’m so happy you like the pictures…

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