Tashima’s Surprise 35th @ Rustik

Tashima’s 35th_ 21

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Thank you all for coming out once again to the surprise party my wife knew about. F_@k it, we had a blast and we’re too damn old for surprise parties any way… Jack Daniel’s was definitely in the building along with the  *bites fist*. I really enjoy the atmosphere at Rustik Tavern, and plan to do a lot of things there in the future. Well, I plan on popping a lot of bottles there in the future, that sounds more like it. The music was good, the company was excellent and the hang over wasn’t as bad as I thought. Drinking while playing photographer doesn’t work too well so if some of the photos are blurry you guys can blame my boys Kenny, Ty & Russ… Oh, Tashima and I actually went there the following day for lunch and yes… we had the burgers…

My wife is big on birthday’s, she’s been like that for years with her spoiled rotten butt. She’s still a little girl in my eyes, and I’m so glad she had a good time even if she THREW UP. That’s what celebrating your birthday’s all about. Her actual birthday is on Tuesday Dec. 14th and I have another surprise for her on that day. Let’s hope I don’t spoil this one, lol. Any how, thanks for visiting my blog and check the other pictures out. Y’all take care, and thanks again for making Tashima’s party a successful and fun one.. We love y’all…



~ by mrflowersphotos on December 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Tashima’s Surprise 35th @ Rustik”

  1. Another supirse????? I can’t wait until tomorrow morning. 🙂

    I can’t front I had a wonderful time. This was the BEST birthday party I had as an adult.

    Love you John

  2. Did I say tomorrow morning….? Lol, I meant to say tomorrow evening…

  3. You said tomorrow and that’s all that matters!

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