My new business cards/ No phone number on them

Okay, so the age of the phone number on a business card in my eyes are over. The reason why I believe that, simple… I’ve handed out 200+ business cards and haven’t gotten one phone call. However, I have received 40+ emails, blog comments and Facebook friend requests. Okay, maybe 3-4 text messages which are driven due to my phone number but 40+ is a way bigger number than 3+. So, I choose not to print my phone number on my new business cards. On the real, I actually don’t enjoy talking to people on the phone in the first place. Especially when it comes to business, most of the time I’m at work/ my day job AND I CAN’T TALK- HAVE TO CALL YA BACK. If I’m on a shoot, I CAN’T TALK- HAVE TO CALL YA BACK. Trying to make sweet love to my wife, I CAN’T TALK- HAVE TO CALL YA BACK. What happens is, I’ll either forget to call that person back or what they’re calling me about has absolutely nothing to do with what I want them to be calling me about. In this digital age of Facebook, Twitter, blog sites and email… I’ll be contacted some way. There’s just so many options to choose from, and I’m sure some people feel very uncomfortable with reaching out to a total stranger over the phone when they can just go to that persons blog/ website to get a gist of what the persons business is all about. I don’t know, debate with me. I guess it does matter what type of business you have, let’s talk about it…


~ by mrflowersphotos on December 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “My new business cards/ No phone number on them”

  1. Flowers, I agree the age of the phone call is far behind us. Sheeit, it’s damn near rude! When I hear my phone ring, I say to myself…”this better be good”

    But…..since you are already printing cards, it doesn’t hurt to include your digits. What about that person who has photography emergency and needs to talk to you IMMEDIATLEY, and can’t wait for a text or message response? You never know. Plus allot of seniors aren’t really feeling the text/message thing. They’re so old school ! Ancient, like the Mayans. Plus they can’t see the letters on those little Querty keyboards.

    Anywho, like the majority, I hate calling people, and having to commit to holding a phone to my head. Risking Brain Cancer. Won’t be me having to focus on my tone of voice, or being worried about my kids making too much noise in the back ground….can’t even hear what a mofo is talking about anyway. Call me and I’m sending you straight to voicemail !



  2. Ok you made your point Mr. Flowers! When I need your business I will call you 🙂

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