Justin Bua @ The House Of Art/ Brooklyn NYC

HOA_NOV12th_ 99

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This photography thing is kind of cool, getting the opportunity to take pictures of people that are living legends. I was given the opportunity to shoot Justin Bua @ The House Of Art, shout out to my man Richard Beavers for giving me the job. Man, the House Of Art was PACKED… there were at least 85-95 people in there and that’s TIGHT… Justin Bua is a living legend like I said, I actually have the DJ piece he did in my bathroom. I know you’re like “Why is it in your bathroom?”… Art belongs everywhere and for some reason that’s the only place I could put it when I copped it years ago. Any way, I’m just rambling but the HOA and JB hosted the unveiling of the “Legends Of Hip Hop” Art Exhibition. I mean, from Slick Rick, Nas, Jaz-Z and the evening show stopper…. CHRISTOPHER WALLACE/ BIGGIE SMALLS. Justin Bua has done great pieces on all of these legends and soon someone is going to be painting one of him because he’s a legend himself… Did I miss anything…


~ by mrflowersphotos on November 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Justin Bua @ The House Of Art/ Brooklyn NYC”

  1. Sir.Bow.Tie.Guy says Thank You. Stay FOCUSED!!!

  2. Big Justin Bua fan, had to cop one of his ArtProjekts collabs on Zazzle.com. His artwork can now be seen on iPhones/iPads, super stoked.
    Check it out

  3. Wow, that’s whats up… I’m not an iPhone user but I will definitely spread the word…

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