I think someone is noticing……

Some of my shots have been published….!!!!
Oh, and I freakin got total credit for them….

Click on the image below:

Black Comix

Special shout out to Isis over there at Uptown Magazine, thanks for displaying some of my images in your on-line publication.

About Black Comix…?

I can say this, John Jennings is a pleasant person. I read the info about the book launch in the window of a dope art gallery in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn called The House Of Art” . Didn’t know anything about this, I’ve never liked comic books but knowing of a few people that you wouldn’t even imagine actually having illustrated and written them makes you want to go check them out….

Angry face

I rolled up in the gallery and ask Richard Beaver if he didn’t mind if I took some pix, he was cool with it but wanted me to talk to the author himself and John was cool with it and that’s how it all went down. I actually copped the book myself and have both John Jennings’ and Damien Duffy’s autographs in it. I’ll post a picture of that soon. I’m so psyched….!!!

Cop the book though, it’s dope and the artwork is even dope(R).


~ by mrflowersphotos on July 22, 2010.

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